Andrew Brodhead – Artist and Photographer

Andrew Brodhead
Andrew Brodhead  |  Ben; 2012  |  Giclée print; 20″ x 30″

PTM: What is the general theme of your art work?
AB: Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, I worked at my parent’s health food store, and as a kid my daily job was to take out the recycling.  Through the years I started to realize how much was not recyclable.  I began to think about landfills and where everything goes.  There are islands of plastic taking over the oceans, the earth is suffocating from plastic that never biodegrades, and our water and environment are leaching toxic estrogenic compounds.  Visually, I want to convey the sacrifice we have made by our consumption and waste.  The wrapped bodies represent invasive cocoons floating over vulnerable landscapes.

PTM: Which artists’ work has influenced you?
AB: Andy Moxon is a photographer who primarily shoots high-risk teens in the UK. I had the privilege to work with him in Lacoste, France, during a study-abroad program. He has really inspired me to start exploring the unknown and to become closer with my subject matter, much as he does in his own work. I’m inspired by Moxon’s work because he can shoot the most terrible scenarios, and with his use of light, balance and color, his images depict the beauty within the hideous.

PTM: What’s an interesting exhibit you’ve recently seen?
AB: Matthew Brandt at Yossi Milo Gallery in NYC.

PTM: Who do you think are interesting artists of today?
AB: Pieter Hugo, Lucas Samaras and David La Chapelle

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