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Psychology Tomorrow Magazine has embarked on a new initiative to match therapists and other practitioners with those interested in expert help. Alternative Therapists Directory!

Creativity, Collaboration, Empowerment

If you’re a provider:

For practitioners, there are plenty of tools and venues to advertise, but Alternative Therapists Directory offers the opportunity to be listed somewhere that champions the openness, inventiveness, and creativity of many non-traditional approaches. And most remarkably, because Psychology Tomorrow Magazine is its platform, it offers practitioners access to thousands of like-minded readers every day, and vice-versa.

Each week, Alternative Therapists Directory features articles written by its members about their unique practices and ideologies.

If you’re seeking help:

Sometimes we all need an outside perspective. But choosing a provider of expert guidance can be a confusing decision, especially at a time when we need help the most.

There are many ways to facilitate change. Whether we are seeking counseling, yoga and meditation therapy, life coaching, body-work, spiritual counseling, art dance, music and of course, sex therapy, or aren’t certain of the best type of support for our situation, Alternative Therapists offers interactive tools to search by area of expertise and location, and gives us an opportunity to get to know enrolled practitioners, their philosophies and methods — before contacting them. The one thing you can be certain of is that all the providers share the belief that problems or symptoms do not originate in pathology, but rather from our best attempts to solve life’s complex dilemma’s even though they have brought unwanted consequences.

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1 Comment on Alternative Therapists Directory

  1. Hi I just looked at your list of practitioners and noticed it’s missing naturopathy. I am a traditional naturopath considering joining your directory–is it possible to add this? I’m so glad you have homeopathy and hypnosis listed as these are also part of my practice.
    Thank you
    Stacey Harris

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