Food: The Sweetest Taboo

October 2, 2015 admin 0

“It sounds ridiculous, but I wait until everyone is either asleep or out and then I go down to the kitchen and I just eat. I eat until I feel sick. I don’t even know […]

Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

October 2, 2015 Alyssa Siegel 0

As a relationship counselor I work with individuals and couples on a number of sex and intimacy related issues. By far the most common one in monogamous partnership is a low or no sex relationship, […]

The Surreal Reality

October 2, 2015 Wednesday Kim 0

Wednesday Kim connects the process of making her work with images in sub-consciousness, unwelcome involuntary thoughts, trauma and sometimes, with momentary catharsis. Her works usually treat issues related to identity, human body, and sexuality. From […] […]

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