Interrogating Canvas

January 7, 2013 Dominik Schmitt 3

Artist Statment I am a 29 year old artist from the south west of Germany. I do paintings, animation-films, shortmovies, lyrics and sculptures. I study art for becoming a teacher, because I want to participate […] […]

Orphan and Queer

January 7, 2013 Steve Turtell 2

  Orphan: My mother is dead. I’m glad. I was a good son. My mother is gone. I’m sad. I was in love with her. My mother loved me. It hurt. She loved my brother […] […]

Persevering in solitude

January 7, 2013 Jolanda Jansen 1

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_1third_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1third_end] About the Artist Text written by Caridad Botella Lorenzo (for the accasion of a solo show at Witzenhausengallery, Amsterdam 2012) Jolanda Jansen (NL, […] […]

The Old Country

January 7, 2013 Anonymous 9

Family habits are hard to quit. Cycles move through us and are passed down; we all carry our own portion of psychological damage, the inherited limitations that shape our existence. Our individual share of what […] […]

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