Arousing Conviction

November 5, 2012 Marci MacGuffie 0

      Marci MacGuffie has had solo exhibitions at Singapore Science Center (in partnership with Ars Electronica, iTokyo, Creative Korea), Real Art Ways, ArtSpace-NH, Fairfield University and Baumgartner Gallery in NYC. Her selected group exhibitions […] […]

My Father the Ethical Slut

November 5, 2012 Alyssa Siegel 0

Like my father, the Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, I am a psychotherapist. We both specialize in sex. In our unique personal and professional relationship, we agree on many things. However, some of our opinions […] […]

Synthetic Landscapes

November 5, 2012 Shane McAdams 0

  Bio Shane McAdams is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, NY Artist Statement In the most general sense, my work is about landscape. I grew up with the desert southwest as a backdrop […] […]

Bob Goes to Jail

August 23, 2012 Rob Sedgwick 0

When I looked up there were eight to ten guys with DEA flack jackets streaming into the lobby with more artillery than you’ve ever seen in your life and it just looked too real. My […] […]

Bubble Bath Pours

August 23, 2012 Ashley Zangle 0

Ashley Zangle was born in Babylon, New York, in 1985, and she lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in […] […]

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