Editor’s Note: Issue 14

Women: Sexuality and Femininity

What’s A Woman To Do?

Nothing has changed more than our definitions of what it means to be a “woman,” from the rigid roles and expectations of the pre-feminist era to the fluidity of womanhood in contemporary life.

This issue of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine examines the extraordinary creativity and individuality involved in “performing” as women, following the historical trajectory of trailblazers such as the iconic Marilyn Monroe to modern-day drag kings, raising questions about the concept of femininity.

In her poignant memoir, Cheryl Lynn delves into the childhood trauma of her father’s suicide, elucidating its lasting effects on her family, her personality, her sexuality, and her identity as a woman.

After years of deprivation, calorie-counting, over-exertion, and seeing food as foe, Lindsay Burns decided to enact an important alteration in perspective: Change my mind, not my body. This insightful narrative recounts the steps of her life-changing process of renewal.

Therapist and sex coach, Stephanie Hunter Jones, has become an expert in the creative potential of intimacy. As an artist, her sensuous paintings blend the representational and the symbolic through sleek color choices and affecting compositions.

In Issue 14, therapists, artists and writers bring understanding to the mysteries of women’s orgasms as well as the psychological impact of social expectations on body consciousness, intimacy and partnering.


– Editor-in-Chief, Stanley Siegel