Old Is New

December 24, 2014 admin 1

Forty-five years ago, my generation was involved in the Women’s Movement – in fact, we were the Women’s Movement. Now, in our sixties and seventies, we’re at the age when women typically have been seen […] […]

The New 29

December 24, 2014 admin 0

What is it to be 29 right now? There are scores of articles that tell you how to be 29, but very few address what it actually means for you as an individual. And the […] […]

The Coolest Grandparents!

December 24, 2014 ZauFishan Qureshi 1

The prominent stage theorist Erik Erikson talks about “old age” as a period of great productivity and associates it with “giving.” However, if you ask teenagers to define old age, they would immediately provide you […] […]

Lusty Ladies & Naughty Dogs

October 14, 2014 admin 0

In the arms of a fashion icon like Paris Hilton or Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, there’s no doubt that a well-dressed lapdog can be a charming fashion accessory. Yet older ladies who are inseparable […] […]

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