About Psychology Tomorrow

Founded in 2012 as a protest against the dominance of conventional psychologies, Psychology Tomorrow Magazine (PTM) explores the practice of psychology and its alternatives in all their beautiful and complex possibilities. Our mission is to provide the cutting-edge information and technology that will lead us into the future of the healing arts.


The magazine examines the work of thought-changing practitioners — academics, philosophers, writers and artists in regular columns, features, essays, profiles, interviews, and reviews, as well as showcases works by contemporary visual and performance artists who examine issues of identity, self-reflection, sexuality, consciousness, and interpersonal relationships. Work is present through text, podcasts and videos, offering a multilevel system of experiences.


In 2014, the magazine expanded its mission and launched the Alternative Therapists Network (ATN) to match those seeking expert help (many of them our readers) with expertly skilled and creative practitioners from around the globe. There is a myriad of narratives for healing, other than the conventional ones, that address every health and mental health issue. Choosing a helping practitioner should be informed by knowledge of the widest range of models and methods available. Alternative Therapists Network educates potential clients to those possibilities and therefore provides genuine choice in times of stress or crises.


Recently, PTM has formed partnerships with organizations and institutions that are leading the way in integrating technologies with methods of  therapies, contributing to the new consciousness that is  influencing the global conversation about  mental health practices.


In early 2016, New Consciousness Media (NCM) was formed to parent, the magazine, Alternative Therapists Network, Mindful Reads Books and other related projects.  NCM will publish the first in a serious of books this Spring.


We welcome you and invite to watch the video below to learn more about our work.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTvZ9mOsfHk[/embedyt]



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