You Are The Macrocosm

May 15, 2016 Nick Astraeus 0

We can define and explore reality from either an objective or a subjective viewpoint. Consider objective and subjective views of space and time. From an objective view, space contains an infinite number of different theres, […]

Q&A : Caitlin Lapena

May 13, 2016 Matthew Kyba 0

I think my perception about art has been influenced somewhat from education, but I have spent more time unlearning what I was taught. I believe my best work is created when I am not thinking […]

Q&A : Dagmara Genda

May 13, 2016 Matthew Kyba 0

Q)  Can you please briefly touch upon your practice as it relates to your consciousness? How has it been altered and shaped through the evolution of your artistic practice? For me, making art is about […]

Q&A : Anna J Eyeler and Nicolas Lapointe

May 13, 2016 Matthew Kyba 0

Q) Within your works, the binary between organic and inorganic is present. How does this relationship operate vis-a-vis and within your understanding of society? Nicolas: Recently, I have focused my research on notions of simulation, […]

Nathan Piquette-Miller

May 13, 2016 Matthew Kyba 0

To define Nathan Piquette-Miller’s work is to enter into a visual journey of pure aesthetic sublime. After recently completing his Oculus Sinister (2016, shown at OCAD University), his signature style of surreal images, engrossing audio, […]

Another Side of the Story

May 13, 2016 Alyssa Siegel 0

As therapists, we are taught to form a collaboration with a client free from bias; to dispel our own values, beliefs, and opinions in order to meet a client where he/she is, and to simply […]

My Father the Ethical Slut

May 13, 2016 Alyssa Siegel 0

Like my father, the Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, I am a psychotherapist. We both specialize in sex. In our unique personal and professional relationship, we agree on many things. However, some of our opinions […]

Learning to Think for Ourselves

May 13, 2016 Alyssa Siegel 0

Many clients come to counseling expecting therapists to give them the answer – to tell them what to do about a particular problem or symptom. They also often want to know what’s “normal.” At the […]

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