Editor’s Note: Issue 12

May 31, 2014 admin 0

Issue 12: Sexuality Tomorrow Sex is shrouded in such mystery and secrecy, that an honest conversation about it is nothing short of miraculous. This issue, entitled Sexuality Tomorrow, co-curated by journalists in conjunction with porn […]

Editor’s Note: Issue 11

April 14, 2014 admin 0

Issue 11: “Trauma and Resilience” Our responses to a traumatic event or situation are as individual as we are. Instinctively, we invent idiopathic strategies to help us absorb the shock and pain or get our minds around […]

Editor’s Note: Issue Nine

November 26, 2013 admin 0

The Contemplative Life BY STANLEY SIEGEL As I approach my 67th Birthday I look back on my life, not as I once did with the striving of an archeologist to unearth the history and artifacts […]

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