Adam Neal – Pro Cons: The Perils of Psychic Exchange

February 15, 2014 Editor 0

You see it watching TV, scrolling through Youtube, reading magazines, and perusing books: Fraud, phony, charlatan, illusionist, mentalist, mind-reader, schemer. These monikers are flung easily (many feel justifiably) at psychic practitioners. They are believed by […]

Adam Neal – Daydream Believer

September 11, 2013 Editor 0

Just like the Monkees, many of us Sleepy Jeans experience our strongest wishes and deepest beliefs through our waking dreams. And as impressionable children, we all were scolded at some point by a teacher or […]

Adam Neal – Latent Psi Inhibition: Achtung, Baby!

June 5, 2013 Editor 0

“Achtung, Baby!” proclaimed U2 back in 1991 – ATTENTION! Well, the German word – “Achtung” – has many contextual meanings, including “Respect” and “Esteem.” So perhaps they didn’t mean it as “ATTENTION,” but since I do, […]

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