Tomáš Němec’s ‘Room With Mattress’ Now Exhibiting in Prague

Tomáš Němec, at his young age, already leaves behind a work of great power of irreplaceable expression. The desire for a paradise, search and fulfillment in a world of beauty, and the decision to uncompromisingly try to reach his romantic ideals affect his art.

Němec’s main assets are his sense of color, shape, gesticulative handwriting and his faithfulness to his motives. We remember his paintings for their timeless sensuality, fragility and signs of ecstatic perceptions and nostalgic moods.

The current exhibition presents a selection of his paintings– the name of the exhibition evokes the life of the artist himself: A life unrestrained and passionate, but modest and ascetic.

Tomáš Němec’s exhibition “Room with Mattress” continues until Aug. 24, 2014.



Tančící Dům

Jiráskovo náměstí 1981/6,

120 00 Praha 2 



+420 777 558 536



Československého exilu 1888/4,

143 00 Praha 4


See more of Tomáš’s work here.

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