Rosemary Ishii MacConnell

Rosemary Ishii MacConnell’s studio is in her home, situated in the high ridges and peaks of Marin County, California. Like her life, her work sits between two worlds, with cultural references to both.

Rosemary Ishii MacConnell

In her “sculptures” she seems to be striving for balance and perfection, similarly expressed in many Japanese traditions from tea ceremonies to martial arts. Yet within their delicate architecture are more rugged materials that suggest something else, like the rock formations dramatically landscaping the American Southwest.

Rosemary Ishii MacConnell, "MFJ 5th Gate"

Viewing her work creates a sensation of both wonder and anxiety, as if these exquisitely crafted formations are meant to be impermanent, blown away, at any moment, in a gust of wind.

Rosemary Ishii MacConnell

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